Who were The Forgotten Ten, when were they executed at Mountjoy prison and what happened to Kevin Barry?

IN 1921, during the Irish War of Independence, ten men were hanged at Mountjoy Prison.

Here’s what we know about the executions and the prisoners who became known as The Forgotten Ten…

Mountjoy prison where Thomas Bryan was executed in 1921
Mountjoy prison where the Forgotten Ten were executed in 1921
Crispin Rodwell – The Sun Dublin

Who were The Forgotten Ten?

In 1921, ten men, all IRA members, were arrested for planning an attack on a lorry of “Black and Tans” – the name given to British soldiers from the Royal Irish Constabulary Special Reserve.

They were later executed at Mountjoy prison by Rochdale hangman John Ellis.

The dead prisoners became known as the “Forgotten Ten.”

Among them was Kevin Barry – the first Irish republican to be killed by the British since the leaders of the Easter Rising.

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Kevin Barry was one of the ten men executed in 1921 – he was just 18[/caption]

The remaining nine were Patrick Moran, Frank Flood, Thomas Whelan, Thomas Traynor, Patrick Doyle, Edmond Foley, Thomas Bryan , Bernard Ryan and Patrick Maher.

All ten men were buried in unmarked graves in the grounds of Mountjoy prison but upon the request of their families their graves were identified in 1934.

On November 1, 2000, the 80th anniversary of Kevin Barry’s execution, the men were exhumed and afforded a full state funeral with a burial in Glasnevin Cemetery.

When were they executed at Mountjoy Prison?

  • Kevin Barry: The Dubliner was executed on November 1, 1920. He was captured after a raid on a military lorry on September 20, 1920 in which three British soldiers were killed.
  • Thomas Whelan: hanged on March 14, 1921. He was charged with the shooting of Captain Baggally on Bloody Sunday. Whelan strongly protested his innocence.
  • Patrick Moran: executed March 14, 1921 after being captured after Bloody Sunday and charged with the murder Lieutenant Aimes.
  • Patrick Doyle: charged by Court-martial with high treason, he was also executed on March 14, 1921.
  • Bernard Ryan: also faced the noose on March 14, 1921. He too was charged with high treason.
  • Frank Flood: charged with high treason and hanged on March 14, 1921
  • Thomas Bryan: charged with high treason he also took part in hunger strike at Mountjoy before being executed on march 14, 1921
  • Thomas Traynor: he was captured during an ambush of Auxiliaries in Brunswick Street, Dublin. He was badly beaten by the Igoe gang before execution on April 25, 1921.
  • Edmond Foley and Patrick Maher: both were charged with the murder of two RIC men in May 1919. They spent 21 months in prison and were tried three times. They were executed on June 7, 1921.

What happened to Kevin Barry?

Kevin Barry was just 18 when he became the first IRA member to be executed by the British since the leaders of the Easter rising.

But his hanging sparked outrage among nationalists in Ireland – mainly because of his age.

His treatment and death attracted international attention, with attempts made by American andVatican officials to secure a reprieve.

Barry’s death triggered a dramatic escalation in violence as the Irish War of Independence entered its most violent phase.

Because he refused to be an informant, Barry became one of the most celebrated Irish republicans.

A ballad about his execution – called “Kevin Barry”  – was written by an unknown artist after his death.

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