Trump vows to hit ALL Chinese imports with massive tariffs, sending US markets plummeting

DONALD Trump escalated his trade war with China yesterday by announcing he was “ready to go” with tariffs on nearly all imports from the country.

The US president is now set to slap hikes on £380billion of Chinese goods in a move set to provoke further retaliatory measures from Beijing.

The US President has announced plans to put in place tariffs on nearly all imports from China, in a move likely to anger the country’s President Xi Jinping
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Mr Trump went on TV to insist the move “was the right thing to do for our country”. He said: “We are being taken advantage of and I don’t like it. We’re down a tremendous amount.”

China imports just £100billion of US goods. It has been accused of using predatory practices as well as forcing US firms to hand over technology in exchange for access to its market.

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Earlier this month, the US put 25 per cent tariffs on £26billion of Chinese imports. China hit back with its own levies.

Trump tweeted yesterday that both China and the EU had been “manipulating their currencies and interest rates.” He added: “not a level playing field.”

Meanwhile Germany’s Angela Merkel warned import tariffs on European cars that Mr Trump has also threatened represented “a real danger for the prosperity of many people in the world”.

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