Troll says blogger Constance Hall is ‘disrespecting her husband’ by breastfeeding her kids on camera – and she has the best comeback

MUM blogger Constance Hall has taken to social media to vent her frustration over a message she received on Instagram.

The mum-of-five from Perth, Australia, told followers she’d been messaged by a man asking why she chooses to post images of herself breastfeeding her children.

Mum blogger Constance Hall spoke out about a man who messaged her on Instagram
Mum blogger Constance Hall spoke out about a man who messaged her on Instagram

“Some bloke messaged me on instagram the other day,” wrote Constance.

“It’s always interesting when blokes message me.. occasionally it’s to tell me that their wife loves me and that they think what I’m doing is awesome.. but usually it’s a) to have a crack or b) to have a go.”

Constance went on to reveal that it was in fact the latter.

“‘Constance why do you have to get your t*** out on camera to feed your baby… have some respect for your kids and your husband….So to answer his question, I have to have my t*** out to feed my baby because he does this thing called Breast Feeding- so f****** weird, the baby literally feeds off my breast!! It’s so hard to do through clothes…”

Constance’s post received masses of support from followers
Constance’s post received masses of support from followers

“Babies love it, I love it, It’s proven to be nutritionally very beneficial..,” continued Constance.

“I’m raising my children in a world that will hopefully finally desexualise breasts so that mums and babies are free to feed in public with out the scrutiny of someone like yourself feeling awkward because its giving him a stiffy..

“You know, free to do it anywhere we want, like ya know… every other mammal on Earth….Which is why in fact I have a lot of respect for my children. And as for my husband.. What the f*** has any of this got to do with him?”

Constance’s post received masses of support from her 319,000 followers.

One user commented: “You are so awesome Con! You always have a way to say the stuff we cant seem to string together. Love your work!”

While another said: “The planet is so lucky to have you. Keep going Con!!”

One follower commented: "The planet is so lucky to have you. Keep going Con!!"

One follower commented: “The planet is so lucky to have you. Keep going Con!!”[/caption]

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