Teen who plotted Columbine-style gun and bomb massacre on Yorkshire school with pal is jailed

A TEEN who plotted with a pal to slaughter classmates in a Columbine-style gun and bomb massacre on a Yorkshire school has been caged for 17 years.

The pair – who cannot be named for legal reasons – vowed to commit “one of the worst atrocities in British history” as they drew up plans to massacre their peers.

PA:Press Association

The contents of a rucksack that was found by officers searching the older boy’s hideout[/caption]

The teens, both aged 15, confessed to a pal on Snapchat they wanted to carry out the attack on their North Yorkshire school but assured her “no one innocent” would die.

The oldest of the two has been jailed for 17 years at Leeds Crown Court today, while the second is awaiting sentence.

Both had previously been convicted of conspiracy to murder, intentionally encouraging or assisting an offence and encouraging or assisting an offence believing it would be committed.

The eldest was also found guilty of unlawful wounding of his girlfriend.

The trial earlier heard the pair ‘hero-worshipped’ Columbine shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold
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Chat between two boys plotting shooting massacre
One of the boys suggests they ‘shoot up the school’ to the other
PA:Press Association
PA:Press Association

A page from the diary of one of the boys today convicted on conspiracy to murder[/caption]

PA:Press Association

A message exchange between one of the boys and a girl who he confessed their plan to[/caption]

The court heard the pair – who “hero-worshipped” Columbine shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold – had a list of all those who had supposedly wronged or bullied them.

They had also researched a bomb-making manual online, with the older of the two later found to have kept a diary full of what prosecutors dubbed “far-right wing ideology”.

One chilling extract read: “Everyone is filthy and deserve to be shot, including me. I’ll play the role of god and decide who a let live and die.

“I have a plan, a great f****** plan. I’ll make some explosives then we’ll find a way back and we’ll begin our assault on that f****** school.

“We need to aid natural selection and help forward our species. Right now, it’s f*****, it’s all downhill. I love murderers.”

Another page shows a school shooting shopping list, which included napalm, firearms and pipe bombs.

PA:Press Association

A bottle which had flammable liquid in, also found in the older boy’s hideout[/caption]

PA:Press Association

Cops found materials they said were for building an explosive device[/caption]

PA:Press Association

A rucksack found by cops when they investigated claims two teens were planning a school attack[/caption]

The pair were questioned by cops when, in September last year, the younger boy told a schoolgirl on Snapchat they were planning to carry out a shooting.

When she asked if he was joking, he said: “No. No one innocent will die. We promise.”

A teacher told the court the boy had said his targets were “infecting the gene pool” and he and his friend were performing a “service to society”.

One of the boys, 14 at the time, also wanted to kill his girlfriend’s parents and run off with her and carved his name into her back using a penknife.

He fantasised over the 1995 film Natural Born Killers and talked to her about how they would “shoot up a school”.

His now ex-girlfriend told cops that in October last year he told her he planned to go “full NBK” — a reference to the movie starring Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis.

PA:Press Association

A small bag full of screws was found as part of the boy’s plot to attack the school[/caption]

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The two teenage boys, who cannot be named for legal reasons, arriving at Leeds Crown Court[/caption]

In police interview she said: “He starts going on about a plan to kill my parents, and we would run off. That wasn’t what I wanted.”

Asked if she believed he would have killed them, she said: “I honestly think he would have done.”

She added: “He would talk to me about how we were going to shoot up a school, run away and get married and commit suicide together.”

The boy hero-worshipped the teenagers who killed 13 people at Colorado High School in 1999.

The schoolgirl, who started dating the boy in June 2017, claimed he described her as “his Dylan Klebold” and encouraged her to give him access to her father’s shotguns.

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The teenager, described as “devious” and “primitive” by the girl’s mother, was cleared of one count of aggravated burglary.

He was convicted of unlawful wounding, after carving his name into his then-girlfriend’s lower back.

Officers searched the boy’s “hideout”, where they discovered a rucksack filled with screws, boards, and a flammable liquid which, prosecutors suggested were instruments with which to build an explosive device.

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