Save over a fiver on your weekly shop by swapping these 6 convenience products – plus win £15k in our raffle

IT is easy to trim your weekly supermarket bill – just ditch six everyday items from your shopping list.

From batteries right by the till to pre-prepared meat and baby products, these goods may be convenient but come with inflated prices.

Use these tips to make sure you’re not getting ripped off when buying everyday household items
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Follow our guide below and save more than a fiver on your weekly food shop by swapping out these six products from your basket . . .

Personal care products

Tossing deodorant or shampoo into your shopping trolley while in the supermarket may cost you 30 per cent more than you could be spending, according to online mag Mental Floss.

Try chemists such as Boots which offer better deals and have frequent sales — such as half-price on compressed deodorant, which is full price in Morrisons.

SAVE: £1.50

Baby products

You can often find items such as baby lotion, oil and shampoo cheaper in Poundland or in high street chemists.

For example, Johnson’s baby lotion is £1 in Poundland — but up to £1.50 in most major supermarkets.

SAVE: 50p

Pre-prepared meat

Save yourself a few quid and avoid ready-made meat products — this convenient option can mean significantly higher prices. For example, if you just assemble your own kebab skewers or burger patties, the price is much less. You can pay £2.50 for a pack of four burgers from Tesco, or pick up beef mince for £1.69 from the same store and make the burgers yourself.

SAVE: 81p

Small snacks

Individual packets of chocolate or crisps do not tend to be good value for money.

Instead, buying a larger, share-size pack and dividing it into smaller portions will save you the pennies.

A 40g bag of Kettle Chips costs 85p in Sainsbury’s. But if you order from Ocado, a 150g share bag is only £1 — 15p more for almost double the weight.

SAVE: Around £2 on four 40g bags of Kettle Chips

Pre-cut fruit and veg

This is another convenience item that will leave your pockets empty. Pre-cut fruit and veg is always marked up in price, unless it has a yellow sticker at the end of the day.

A small pack of pineapple chunks weighing 400g costs £1.60 in Sainsbury’s while a whole medium pineapple costs less than a quid at the same store.
SAVE: 60p

Batteries They are usually placed in the “impulse buy” section right by the till. A four-pack of AA batteries costs £3 in Tesco.

Instead, resist temptation and get a six-pack of AA batteries from Poundland for a quid.

SAVE: £2

Save a fiver

CUSTOMERS of mobile firm Three can get EasyJet’s Hands Free package for free when flying this summer.

Save on mobile usage charges when abroad with this great package

SAVE: £5

Shop & save

TRY a different toothpaste with Colgate’s new natural extracts range, half price at Morrisons. RRP £4, now £2.

At only £2 this toothpaste is an absolute steal

SAVE: £2

Reader’s saving tip

SUE MINNS, from Driffield, East Yorks, says: “Don’t buy expensive weedkiller. Just pour boiling water on to weeds and it will kill any plant growth it touches.”

  • Send us your tips at and you’ll get 28 codes worth £5 if your tip is used. Please include your name and town.

Designer double

SLIDE into summer in studded sandals from Pep&Co. At £6 you’ll save a bomb on the Isabel Marant version which retail at £409.

Why spend a whopping £409 on these sandals…
… when you can grab this pair for only £6?

SAVE: £403

Deal of the day

GIVE your locks a healthy glow with Nanogen hair growth factor treatment mask from Boots. Usually £29.95, now £19.95.

A good-quality hair mask may help your locks to grow long and strong

SAVE: £10

Cheap treat

DEVOUR Halo Top high-protein ice cream, including new flavours Birthday Cake, Red Velvet and Oatmeal Cookie. Buy two tubs for £7 at Tesco – usually £5 each.

It can’t get any better than a product that’s low in price and calories
(C)Renee Anjanette (C)Joe Coonan

SAVE: £3

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