Orgasms, sex cults, poisoning and terrorism – the bizarre true story behind Kylie Jenner’s favourite Orgonite crystals

Victoria Beckham won’t leave the house without them, Adele said they helped her smash through a comeback show and Lady Gaga stripped off and hugged a giant one in her video – but why are celebs so obsessed with crystals?

Spencer Pratt put the healing rocks on the world’s radar back in 2010, declaring that he was “vibrationally tuned in” on The Hills – and since then A-listers haven’t been able to get enough of them.

Spencer Pratt was one of the first celebs to go public with his crystal obsession

His wife Heidi Montag famously gave birth to her son surrounded by £20,000-worth of them, and the couple are thought to have a collection worth £370,000.

Just this week Victoria Beckham added crystal necklaces to her collection so her customers “feel confident and secure”.”

She sings the praises of pink quartz while Friends actress Jennifer Aniston has championed moonstone jewellery in the past.

But it’s KUWTK star Kylie Jenner’s crystal choice that we’re the most interested in.

Kylie and BFF Jordan try crystal healing

A refinery29 article explains that despite it’s shiny facade, Kylie’s favourite crystal – Orgonite – has a dark and sinister back story.

The healing stone has been linked to a sex cult, poison attacks where members poisoned members of the public with salmonella, and controversial spiritual practices  – including orgies, and screaming sessions to rid the body of bad energies, followed by rave-like dancing and naked meditation.


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The dark origins of Orgonite and sex cults

When Kylie Jenner first posted a picture of a blood red, triangular orgonite stone in 2014, it sparked rumours that she and then-boyfriend Jaden Smith had joined a sex cult.

This was because in the 1930s, Dr Wilhem Reich believed that the stone contained orgone energy and had healing powers – and that coming into contact with the crystals prepared the body for healing by orgasm.

The controversial doctor stimulated orgasms to heal his patients, and his followers believed that that multiple orgasms would help humans heal and ‘thrive’.

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Jaden Smith and Kylie go shopping for crystals[/caption]

He was later sentenced to two years in jail for ‘medical misinformation’.

He would shut them in a “sex box”, lined with orgonite crystals, claiming that this would help accumulate the energy in their bodies, before he ‘treated’ them – but no one really knows what happened inside. 

‘Sex like baboons’ and primal screaming

Despite the controversy, his teachings formed the basis of the disturbing spiritual practices of the Osho cult – as shown in new Netflix hit Wild, Wild Country.

In the 1990s, members of the notorious cult built themselves their own orgonite sex box where cult followers could go to soak up the energy before being sexually healed.

The 2000 member cult – whose rituals include ‘having sex like baboons’, primal screaming, and dance raves – were linked to failed assassination plots, the sedation of thousands of homeless people, and bio terrorism.

What is an orgonite?

  • An orgonite is a crystal made of resin, metals and quartz
  • It is said to contain orgone energy
  • Orgone energy is founded in the healing power of orgasms
  • The term ‘Orgone’ was made by combining the words ‘orgasm’ and ‘organism’
  • It was frist written about by Dr Wilhem Reich, who stimulated orgasms to heal his patients


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The origins of the ‘orgone’ stone and it’s healing powers lead back to the teachings of Dr Wilhem Reich[/caption]

The Osho cult was shut down in 1984 after being convicted of the largest bio-terrorist attack in American history.

In an attempt to win seats in the local election, the members contaminated local salad bars, affecting 751 people with salmonella poisoning.

The former private secretary of leader Rajneesh was jailed for 20 years.

‘Yellow submarine’ orgies

Along with ceremonies based around the healing ‘orgone’ energy, they also promoted ‘free-love’.

The cult believed that having enough sex so that it became meaningless was the way to enlightenment – so members were encouraged to have sex with anyone – monogamy wasn’t a thing.
The cult believed that having enough sex so that it became meaningless was the way to enlightenment

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One clip in the documentary films a violent orgy happening in a padded room.

The mothers, husbands, and children who joined the cult were all sent to live in different ‘huts’.

The children slept in bunk beds, and a former member describes how he would listen to the adults ‘have sex like baboons’.

The cult has been described as just as controlled as the brutal Manson family

Their teacher would sing renditions of ‘we all live in an orange submarine’, based on the orange boiler-suit uniforms they were required to wear.

The cult has been described as just as controlled as the brutal Manson family, and as obsessive as Scientology – but its leader Rajneesh was smart, and charmed members into joining.

Kylie Jenner’s secret crystal society

Obsessed with the crystal, Kylie, Jaden, and his younger sister Willow launched ‘The Orgonite Society’ in 2014.

To this day, The Orgonite Society is one of the closest modern day societies linked to the cult.

Orgonite Society. #Msfts

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The teens would post pictures onto a now taken over Instagram account showing them wearing goggles and brewing up crystals in their back gardens.

At the time Willow posted a picture of herself reading one of the many books written by the cult’s creator, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, and fans were concerned she and her brother had joined a cult.

It’s not known whether Kylie knew of the links between orgone crystals and the Osho cult, but Jaden and Willow certainly did.

The Smith siblings are said to have been introduced to Osho’s teachings by Hannah Montana actor, Moises Arias.

#willowsmith 📷

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The actor sparked controversy in 2014, the year the society was created, for posting a provocative picture of himself shirtless and sitting behind Willow in bed.

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He was 20 and the time and she was just 13.

Around the same time, he was also known for the sexual nature of his tweets, posting statements such as, “Let’s have love and make sex.”

A source told US site “Jaden has really dived headfirst into this radical movement. He thinks he is a ‘philosopher’ and Willow is just as into it.”

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