Moment woman risks her life to take selfie with legs dangling over edge of crumbling 150ft Broadchurch cliffs

THIS image shows the perilous moment a young woman risked her own life by taking a selfie while dangling her legs over the edge of a 150ft cliff.

The woman, thought to be in her 20s, took a snap of herself perched on the edge of the cliffs at West Bay, in Dorset, which is the setting for ITV crime drama Broadchurch.

A woman dangles her legs off the cliff as she takes a dangerous selfie in West Bay, in Dorset yesterday
Bournemouth News

Numerous signs warn visitors not to stand too close to the edge because the fragile state of the cliffs lead to regular rock falls.

But the woman appeared to be blissful unaware of the danger as she snapped a selfie.

She was one of several sun-seekers pictured standing closed close to the edge of the cliffs over the warm weekend.

As Britain’s heatwave shows no sign of abating and thousands flock to the seaside resort, coastguards have issued fresh warnings to the public about the dangers the cliffs pose.

The woman risked her life by taking a selfie on the crumbling 150ft Broadchurch cliffs
Bournemouth News
Bournemouth News

The UK coastguard, which describes the cliffs as ‘very unsafe’, reiterated its warning for people to stay away from the area[/caption]

Coastguard Jake Lanning said: “We are seeing people all of the time right on the very edge of the cliff peering over, or sat on the cliff edge with their legs dangling, all trying to take the perfect photograph or selfie.

“What photograph is worth risking your life for? Some pictures are best left to the imagination.”

He added: “The Jurrasic Coast is a beautiful place to come and visit, but it is also an ever changing and dynamic natural environment.

“Coastal erosion that can cause rockfalls, landslides and mudslides is a natural part of this environment, and these can happen at any time and without warning.

“The truth is that we just don’t know when the next cliff fall might occur. It’s the unpredictability of these dangers which poses the greatest risk to the public, but there are some really simple things you can do to keep you and your family safe.

“There is very clear signage on the beach and at the base of the cliffs which clearly states ‘Danger Rockfalls, Keep Clear of Cliffs, Serious Risk of Injury or Death’.”

Two other people were spotted on the cliff edge at the seaside resort, ignoring coastguard warnings
Bournemouth News
Holidaymakers get perilously close to the cliff edge at West Bay, in Dorset
Bournemouth News

Photographer Graham Hunt was on the beach at 3pm yesterday when he spotted the woman taking selfies on the cliff top.

He said: “You just don’t expect somebody to do that, especially off 150ft cliffs which are crumbling and brittle because of the recent hot weather.

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“There are frequent rockfalls there and one wrong step could have ended in tragedy.

“It was a case of holiday madness with people wanting to get selfies on the Broadchurch cliffs.”

The warnings come after Charlotte Blackman, 22, was crushed to death in 2012 when a huge landslip occurred as she walked under the cliffs further along the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site at Burton Bradstock.

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