Gruesome tour of exact spot Jihadi John was killed as witness describes bloody moment the ISIS poster boy was blasted in a US drone strike

A WITNESS has described the moment the depraved ISIS terrorist dubbed Jihadi John was killed by a US drone strike in Syria.

The Sun Online has been given access to the spot where the masked executioner died and the neighbourhood where he and the other British “Beatles” terror cell hid in Raqqa.

The internet cafe in Raqqa where Jihadi John was killed

“This is the last spot Jihadi John was at before he was killed,” local man Abu Talal, whose name has been changed to protect his safety, explains pointing to a shop near the clock tower in the centre of the city.

He added: “He was killed here. I remember it well. The explosion could be heard all over the city.”

The ruthless jihadi was killed on November 12, 2015 following the launch of a US drone strike in the centre of Raqqa – the capital of ISIS’s so-called caliphate in Syria.

According to this 40-year-old, the strike happened late in the evening and shortly after the British extremist had exited a nearby Internet cafe.

Jihadi John was killed in a US drone strike in November 2015
The Sun explored the war-torn area of Raqqa where the so-called British Beatles terrorised locals
Inside the internet cafe in Bedouin where the depraved Brit was killed
The building, which has been refurbished, was blasted by a US drone strike
Locals in Raqqa are still concerned over ISIS’s influence, a witness told The Sun Online

ISIS response to the death of their famous front man was particularly brutal, according to the locals.

“After the drone strike the Amien (ISIS intelligence) took everyone from inside the Internet cafe and either imprisoned or beheaded them,” the father of four explains.

“ISIS claimed they had given the location of Jihadi John to the coalition. It was a warning to anyone else not to co-operate.”

The cafe – which has recently been repainted – is a small 50 square metre shop that according to other locals was often used by foreigners.

Burned out cars and bombed building feature heavily in the landscape of the troubled city
The Bedouin neighbourhood in the Syrian city where the British extremists lived

“It is just a regular shop. It was used by many Europeans to communicate with their relatives and friends back home,” a nearby business owner explains.

He added: “And the shop re-opened shortly after (the drone strike). I remember seeing workers repair the road and street the very next day.”

Jihadi John – whose real name is Mohammed Emwazi from North London – first emerged in August 2014,  featuring in a series of sick videos released by the bloodthirsty extremist group.

In the clips he was filmed beheading various western hostages including two Britons, David Haines and Alan Henning.

He was killed here. I remember it well. The explosion could be heard all over the city

Pointing across the street to a building and near to the clock tower, Abu Talal believes Jihadi John killed more people.

“I saw him when he killed people in this building,” he explains pointing the former ISIS education and religious courts.

“Around this area ISIS were carrying out many public beheading, especially after they captured the government military base (north of Raqqa) and many regime soldiers.”

The former history teacher who was born in Raqqa – lived under the jihadists’ rule for over three years – only fleeing in the final fifteen days before the city was liberated.

The local mosque in Bedouin where the British Beatles and Jihadi John are said to have worshipped
A street sign in the Bedouin district of Raqqa

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“I saw all the foreigners, I saw Bilal Hadfi (the French suicide bomber), I saw Jihadi John I lived amongst ISIS,” he says.

Abu Talal – who now works for the Raqqa civilian’s council as a translator – lived in the Bedouin neighbourhood, an area that was dominated by foreigners who had come to join ISIS.

He said: “The area (Bedouin) is very modern by Raqqa standards – it has a lot of flats – so many foreigners chose to live there.

“For instance, one of my neighbours was a British family while another one was from Saudi Arabia.”

He explains though interacting with these foreign ISIS members was not possible.

Around this area ISIS were carrying out many public beheading

Abu said: “When I saw Jihadi John in the street he was just walking around…but could not go close to him because I was a civilian and it was very dangerous to speak to any foreigners – especially someone like him.”

Bedouin – is a residential suburb in the north of Raqqa and was one of the last places to fall to the American backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in June 2017 due to strong ISIS support in the area.

“The foreigners – who came from your country were very strong ISIS. They really believed in the ideology,” Abu Talal says, adding, “But in my opinion these foreigners were just criminals and devils.”

A local shopkeeper from the area – who did not want to give his name, also recalls seeing some other British citizens who joined the bloodthirsty extremist group.

A guest house in the Syrian city which housed British extremists

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While looking at picture of Aine Davis he adds, “I remember this man he came here on a motorcycle one day with some other people.”

Aine – was a member of the so-called “Beatles” a four-man British cell that was fronted by Jihadi John – charged with guarding and ultimately murdering western hostages.

Known as “Paul” by his hostages, he is currently serving seven-and-a-half years in prison for being a member of this terrorist cell after being arrested in Istanbul in 2015.

“My neighbour later told me, he was very arrogant bragging about being wanted by the British intelligence services,” the shopkeeper states.

The two other members surviving of Jihadi John’s sick terrorist cell – El Shafee Elsheikh “George” and Alexanda Kotey “Ringo” – are currently being held by the Syrian Democratic forces after being captured in early 2018.

Talal, however, believes the task of removing ISIS from Raqqa is nowhere near complete.

“Look I stay here at night and I can tell the (SDF backed) civil council may control the city during the day, but at night ISIS is in control.”

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Pulling out his phone he shows a picture of his relative, saying: “my cousin was assassinated just two weeks ago by an ISIS sleeper cell. I am in fear of my life here everyday.”

The fluent English speaker offered a warning to Europe.

He said: “The west should be concerned. If you do not remove the ideology here you will see a new ISIS generation and that generation will not just be in Raqqa it will come to Europe too.”

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