GP ‘hired hitman online’ after blaming £300,000 pension loss on adviser

AN ex-GP who blamed his financial adviser for a £300,000 pension loss tried to hire a hitman online to kill him, jurors heard yesterday.

David Crichton allegedly agreed a £3,800 fee on the dark web for Andrew Bolden’s murder.

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Retired GP David Crichton blamed a £300,000 pension loss on his financial adviser[/caption]

Using a special online browser, the retired doctor, 64, set up an account on a site called Chechen Mob and chose an option to “kill the bastard”, the trial was told.

Others were “beat the s**t out of him”, “set his car on fire” and “set his house on fire”, it was said.

Prosecutor Simon Jones said: “His intention could not be clearer. The steps he took were very clearly an attempt to solicit, ask for, request, seek a murder.”

It came during a five-year vendetta, it was said.

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Crichton allegedly agreed a £3,800 fee on the dark web for the murder[/caption]

After meeting at an NHS pensions seminar in 2011, Crichton paid Edinburgh-based Bolden for tips on investing his £1.8million pot, jurors heard.

The medic’s delay in acting incurred a tax penalty thought to be £300,000, Winchester crown court was told.

Crichton complained to financial watchdogs but they deemed Bolden’s advice sound.

However, Crichton still bombarded him with hundreds of emails, which led to his address being blocked, the hearing was told.

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In texts and a phone call he allegedly hinted at suicide.

Jurors heard that in one, he wrote: “I am contacting you out of desperation. I believe you are the only person who can help save my life.”

Crichton, of Bournemouth, denies trying to solicit murder and malicious communications. The trial continues.

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