Georgia Steel FINALLY admits to kissing Jack Fowler on Love Island – and scene was filmed more than twice

GEORGIA Steel has FINALLY admitted to kissing Jack Fowler after weeks of insisting she was a loyal friend to Laura Anderson.

The Love Island star, 20, blames being drunk on her behaviour – but admits the cringe-worthy scene was filmed more than twice.

Georgia Steel finally admits to kissing Jack Fowler on Love Island after weeks after insisting she was loyal

She became a viral sensational for repeatedly claiming she was “loyal” despite instigating the kiss – and even now she’s seen the footage says she still doesn’t “remember it like that.”

In an exclusive interview following her shock exit from the villa she said: “Honestly, I remembered the kiss in such a different way to how I watched it back.

“When I watched it I absolutely cringed because that is not me. At the end of the day I had a few drinks, I was sat there chatting to Jack and the conversation flowed.

“I just got a little bit excited but I literally do not remember it like that.

She blames the kiss on being drunk and defends her actions by saying it was ‘nothing more than a bit of excitement’
Laura still hasn’t seen the footage and was left in the middle of Georgia and Jack over who to believe

“My toes curled when I watched it. If I watched that before going back to the villa then I would have said to Laura ‘look I got a bit excited’ but that wasn’t the case.”

Viewers were left reeling when they discovered the scene may have been filmed a number of times.

And now Georgia has admitted producers did record the kiss more than once.

When asked if it was shot multiple times she said: “Yeah. I do what I want to do and they get the angles.”

Georgia also confessed to feeling guilty about not being honest with Laura – who didn’t know to believe her or Jack about the kiss.

She said:“I do feel bad. I didn’t tell Laura exactly what happened but we all make mistakes, it was only a kiss. But I don’t feel bad for Jack – it takes two to tango, he didn’t have to kiss me but he did.”

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Georgia admits to feeling ‘bad’ for not being entirely honest with Laura but claims she doesn’t remember the scene as it happened
Sam and Georgia couldn’t keep their hands off each other despite agreeing to split to stay in the villa

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Georgia and Sam dramatically quit Love Island after refusing to couple up with one of the new islanders in Thursday’s show.

They chose to split and stay in the villa earlier this week after their fellow islanders refused to save them from a fate that tested their loyalty.

But the pair couldn’t keep their hands off each other or bear to be separated any longer so finally left together.

About their decision to walk Georgia said: “We made a really rash choice to split but I don’t regret it because actions speak louder than words.

Georgia claims she’s proven her loyalty to Sam by leaving the villa with him in Thursday’s episode
She doesn’t regret their initial decision to stay as it helped her to realise her feelings for Sam

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“As soon as I got back to the villa and Sam and I were single I couldn’t stay away from him, for me that showed that I couldn’t be in the villa without him.

“Walking out the villa with Sam proves that I am a loyal girl and I stick by who I want to be with as you can see and I was very happy holding his hand as we walked out together.”

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