Gary Lineker goes on massive anti-Brexit rant calling for a second referendum – a week after hitting out at politicians who talk about football

FOOTIE luvvie Gary Lineker risked a massive backlash today as he went on a Twitter rant about Brexit.

The BBC presenter called for a second EU referendum and blasted the Government’s plans for Brexit as “bonkers”.

Gary Lineker has gone on an anti-Brexit rant
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But his comments came just a week after he hit out about politicians for talking about sport and said they should stick to their jobs.

Mr Lineker, known for his fanatical pro-EU views, frequently tweets about politics and spreads his opinions in the media.

Today he said: “We’re not actually, really, seriously, possibly contemplating a no deal Brexit, are we?

“Democracy is democracy and all that but there are limits to how much we want to self-harm, surely.”

The ex-footballer added: “It’s way too complicated to fully comprehend, even for those supposedly dealing (or no-dealing) with it.”

Earlier this week, Mr Lineker signed up to the People’s Vote movement which is campaigning to overturn the 2016 referendum.

His political campaigning despite the fact that he’s suggested politics and sport should be kept separate.

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Last week he tore in to Boris Johnson for congratulating the England team on their World Cup run.

Mr Lineker tweeted: “Here they come: politicians jumping on the football bandwagon when it suits them.

“We all know you don’t give a monkey’s about the sport until you want to bask in any reflective glory. Bore off Boris.”

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