Futuristic action thriller Hotel Artemis tries to pack so much in it almost trips over itself

THIS is the directorial debut of screenwriter Drew Pearce (Ironman 3, Mission Impossible; Rogue Nation).

Starring Jodie Foster with Sterling K. Brown, Bautista and Jeff Goldblum bringing up the rear, this futuristic action thriller tries to pack so much in it almost trips over itself.

Hotel Artemis
Futuristic action thriller Hotel Artemis wows fans with gloomy sets and top actors
Warner Bros
Jodie Foster
Starring Jodie Foster with Sterling K. Brown, Bautista and Jeff Goldblum, this thriller is set in 2028
Warner Bros

It’s 2028 and there are riots on the streets of LA regarding the privatisation of water. In the middle of the melee is Hotel Artemis, a secret members-only hospital for killers (surely a nod to the hotel in John Wick?), assassins and general bad eggs.

Adhering to the house rules (no killing each other, no guns etc) is a must and it’s all overseen by the doddering alcoholic and agoraphobic Nurse Jean Thomas (Foster) and her orderly, Everest (Bautista).

Patients arrive thick and fast (all with codenames like Acapulco or Nice) along with The Wolf King, LA’s crime lord (Goldblum doing his Goldblum thing).

The set up is great, the look and feel really whet my appetite for an explosive, foul-mouthed few hours in the style of Free Fire or Reservoir Dogs meets Baby Driver, but falls somewhat short – and I can’t work out how.

Jeff Goldbum
Jeff Goldbum stars as a LA crime lord in Hotel Artemis
Warner Bros

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Pearce is an extremely competent action writer, weaving complex plots and storylines around in his sleep (tackling both Marvel and the Mission Impossible franchises is no mean feat) so I can only assume that a lot was sacrificed in the edit.

It’s still a good, fun and very stylish 90 minutes with a superb cast, but I’ll have to admit to expecting a bit more.

Hotel Artemis, 94mins (15)



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