Fans of Superdrug’s tanning gummy bears share snaps of their bronzed skin… so is this proof they really work?

LET’S be honest, when we first heard about UTan’s raspberry-flavoured tan-enhancing gummy bears, we thought they sounded too good to be true.

Catering to both our self-tan fanatic and sweetooth tenancies, we doubted whether a gummy bear could actually give us a coveted golden glow… but now impressed customers are silencing the doubters with their seriously enviable results.

A one month’s supply of sweets costs just under £15 from Superdrug
Utan & Tone
  • UTan Gummies, £14.99 from Superdrug – buy now

Since launching back in March, the edible UTan self-tanning supplement has won itself a legion of beauty fans.

Not to mention the fact they are also vegan-friendly, gluten-free and look just like our old favourite after-school treats.

Promising to “accelerate and enhance the perfect bronze tone to pale skin” when taken twice daily, these sweets work by absorbing plant nutrients into the skin.

However, the brand’s cult online following have taken to social media to share their before and after photos… and there’s no denying they seems to work wonders.

22-year-old Sophie Kean praised the vegan sweets on her Instagram stories
Mollie Hallam called the gummy bears a self-tanning “game changer”

Among the impressed customers is Mollie Hallan from Loughborough.

The 18-year-old shared a photo of her impressive tan, which she claimed was made possible by the “game-changing” UTan gummies.

She wrote: “I am SO pale naturally and these swets have made it possible for me to be anything but white, for the first time ever I’ve been able to say goodbye to fake tan.”

Delighted customers have been sharing their “amazing” before-and-after snaps on social media
Welsh teenager Eden Smith also her gummy bear-induced golden glow

Kim Wilton, 32, also sung UTan’s praises, adding: “Two weeks of taking the tan gummies and I can’t believe how much they are working! I never look tanned naturally and this is amazing.”

Other customers have even claimed they had “definitely noticed a difference after only a few days.”

The UTan website recommends “sucking 2-3 Tan Gummies per day for 2 weeks prior to sun exposure” or taking “3 Tan Gummies per day for 3-4 weeks” if you’re not lucky enough to be jetting off abroad.

Putting our GCSE Biology to the test, the UTan supplements allow active plant ingredients to be held in the cheek cavity for a long enough period to allow “direct absorption” to take place.

Another Instagram user charted her tan’s progression over the course of three weeks

In simpler terms, the supplements have a much more even and obvious effect that your run-of-the-mill self-tanner as the organic pigments give the skin a yellow shade. All without the biscuit-y smell too.

Vitamin C also works to help boost collagen which makes skin look more luminous and radiant.

But before you pack away the tanning mitt for good, Dr Carol Cooper warns the beauty supplements might not be all they seem…

Do tanning sweets actually work?

Dr Carol Cooper told Fabulous Online: “[UTan] appears to be a supplement which means there’s no legal requirement to adhere to any particular standards of manufacture.

That apart, it’s well known that carotene compounds, which seem to be the main active ingredients, do turn the skin orange.
Carrots are of course the main natural source of carotenoids. The skin of people who eat a lot of carrots is often yellowy -orange.”

So if you’re after a golden glow this summer (without a “yellowy-orange” hue), the most surefire way is to invest in a good old fashioned fake tan product.

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