Crazy moment tens of thousands of fish leap onto a fisherman’s boat while being chased by bigger fish’

THIS is the extraordinary moment tens of thousands of sardines leap onto a fisherman’s boat after being chased by bigger fish.

Video footage captured by Lu Jingwai in Taiwan shows the silver fish flying out of the water at speed in all directions.

The fish were seen flying out of the water and falling into the fisherman’s boat

The fisherman, who said the sea was like “boiling water”, filmed the scene when he and his pals were cleaning the boat at midnight on Friday.

It’s understood the sardines were being chased by barracudas – a bigger species that preys on smaller fish.

Similar to piranhas, barracuda fish have sharp-edged, fang-like teeth.

In the clip, taken at Bisha fishing port in Keelung, Taipei city, Lu can be heard screaming: “It’s so scary. I got attacked by the fish.”

The extraordinary scene happened in Taiwan
The sardines can be seen inside the boat

He and his friends are then seen frantically picking up the fish and throwing them back into the water.

Lu told Mail Online: “’I’ve seen three to five barracudas, over a metre long (3.3ft), swimming under my boat two days ago. I guess it’s their hunting period these few days.”

Lu Jingwai said the sea was like ‘boiling water’
Getty – Contributor

It’s understood the sardines were being chased by barracudas, which have fang-like teeth[/caption]

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Members of the public also spotted barracudas near the port on the same day, according to

Lu posted the footage on Facebook, with some viewers describing the moment as “mesmerising”.

Nick Chang wrote: “It’s the best time to fish when the big fish were feasting on them.”






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