Couple living in Persimmon-built home plaster posters on windows warning house viewers not to buy

A COUPLE living in a new estate built by one of the country’s biggest homebuilders have plastered their windows with posters warning potential buyers to stay away.

Guy Kirk, 35, and his partner Lucy Sousa, 33, claim their new £215,000 house – built by construction giant Persimmon – is full of mould and suffers leaks and damp.

Neil Hope – The Sun

The signs read: ‘1 year old creaks leaks damp mould – don’t buy run!’[/caption]

They put up signs telling would-be buyers not to part with their cash at the new development in Newquay, Cornwall.

The signs read: “1 year old creaks leaks damp mould — don’t buy run!”.

Guy and Lucy – who is eight months pregnant – told The Sun Online that the signs will stay up until all the snags are fixed.

The company promised to complete snagging work at the new estate by last October.

But Guy and Lucy say that they are waiting for Persimmon Homes – whose CEO Jeff Fairburn was paid £45million last year – to fix 90 different faults.

Neil Hope – The Sun

Persimmon said it would finish work by last October – but the Sousses say that 90 different repairs are still outstanding[/caption]

Neil Hope – The Sun

The signs read: ‘1 year old creaks leaks damp mould – don’t buy run!’[/caption]

Neil Hope – The Sun

The Sousses warned potential homebuyers to stay away from the new Persimmon development[/caption]

They put up the signs at their house directly opposite the marketing suite and show home to ward off house hunters.

The couple, who have a two-year-old son, are still waiting for work to be done on a leaking sink and patio doors which are too badly warped to close properly.

However, since the protest began a month ago they say Persimmon has taken action. Most of the original 200 complaints have now been fixed.

These included a large hole hidden beneath kitchen units, open electrical wiring, nails poking upwards through the stairs, a cracked window, and a bathroom lock fixed on the wrong side of the door.

Guy told The Sun Online: “We knew there might be be snags. The builders told us to stick post-it notes on them.

“By the time we’d finished there were pink post-it notes everywhere. It was a real home from hell.”

The couple say Persimmon have ordered them to take down the protest as it “breaches their lease covenant”.

Neil Hope – The Sun

Other neighbours told of long delays to snagging work[/caption]

Neil Hope – The Sun

The signs were place directly opposite a marketing suite for the new estate[/caption]

Buy Lucy added: “It doesn’t. We’re not allowed to advertise but protesting is fine.

“They promised in writing that everything would be fixed last October. It wasn’t. So until they actually fix the last of our problems the signs will stay.

“We were so excited to be moving into our new home. We’d lived in a caravan for a year to save up.

“But we’ve learnt you have more rights buying a can of beans than you do buying a new house.”

Guy added: “We’d urge others who have problems with a new home to get out there and make a fuss.

“We are fortunate in that the signs in our windows directly overlook their showhome.

“It’s been a real David v Goliath battle.”

Other neighbours on the Goldings estate are still waiting for much-needed repairs to be made.

Mum-of-one Anna McKenna, 21, who lives opposite Guy and Lucy said her snagging problems included a hot oven collapsing onto the floor of her kitchen.

She said: “I just opened the oven door and the whole thing came out of its unit. That’s shocking really. And it certainly was hot.

Neil Hope – The Sun

The new estate is still under development[/caption]

Neil Hope – The Sun

Persimmon said it is committed to finishing the work soon[/caption]

“We’ve had several leaks, a failing boiler, cracks in the wall and flaking paintwork.

“But the most bizarre thing was the extractor fan. It was fixed to the wall but there was no hole the other side through which it could extract anything.

“Persimmon sent someone round and claimed they had fixed it. But they hadn’t. My dad climbed up and said there was still a brick wall where the hole should be.”

Part-time cleaner Karen Perry, 46, said she was now on her 3rd set of doors after living without a shower and kitchen cupboards for six months.

But not all new residents on the estate are unhappy.

Arran Johnson said: “You have to expect the odd snagging problem. The builders have been absolutely fine to deal with.”

A spokeswoman for the company said: “Persimmon Homes works closely with customers and contractors to arrange works addressing snagging issues.

‘The company has never questioned the works that need to be undertaken but finding appointments to coincide with our purchaser’s availability has frustrated our ability to resolve issues in a timely manner.

“The company remains committed to resolving the works and will liaise in a further attempt to establish a mutually acceptable timetable.

“Our policy is that we will not work in a customer’s home without them being present.

“Under these circumstances, the presence of the sign is regrettable and has had an impact on other residents who are happy in their homes.”



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Last month MPs grilled Persimmon execs over “grossly excessive” being awarded to top staff.

When asked how much boss Jeff Fairburn was paid last year, Marion Sears, who chairs the company’s pay-setting panel, told the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee said he was given £675,000.

But when quizzed about his total pay including bonuses, she said it was in fact “about £45million”.

He had initially been awarded £100million in bonuses but later agreed to reduce the amount after public outcry.

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