Bizarre moment small but plucky bird hitches a ride on the back of a massive hapless EAGLE

THESE spectacular photos capture the incredible moment a daring little bird caught a ride on the back of a huge eagle this week.

The tiny black drongo lands on the five-foot-wingspan eagle and appears to peck it on the back of the head in the stunning snaps.

The little drongo saw a courageous opportunity
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Wildlife photographer Liu Chia-Pin snapped the crested serpent eagle resting on a branch as it tried to eat a snake it had caught in Taipei, Asia.

The drongo then flew low and perched on the bird of prey.

And the eagle made off, blissfully unaware.

The snapper said: “When an eagle caught a snake and was about to eat it, he did not expect to enter the sphere of influence of the small bird.

“The small bird was brooding and so attacked and drove the invaders, constantly attacking in the trees or in the air.

The incredible pictures were taken in Taipei
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The bird swooped on the eagle’s back
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The remarkable encounter was captured by a wildlife photographer
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“He even stood on the back of this mammoth eagle as it was flying away.”

The black drongo is a small Asian bird, commonly found in India, Iran and Sri Lanka.

They only grow up to 28cm in length but they are nicknamed the “king crow”, because of their tendency to be aggressive towards larger birds.

Crested serpent eagles are typically found in forests in Asia and eat snakes.

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The eagle blissfully flew away[/caption]

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Crested serpent eagles have wingspans of up to five feet[/caption]

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