Activists for murderous dictatorship sell CORBYN mugs to deluded lefties to raise cash

JEREMY Corbyn’s image is being used to raise cash in support of a murderous dictator, The Sun can reveal.

Activists from the “Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign” are selling mugs and fridge magnets with the Labour leader’s face on.

One of the mugs being sold by the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign

The money they make from Corbyn fans is then spent on spreading propaganda on behalf of Nicaragua’s president Daniel Ortega.

The dictator’s security forces have killed hundreds of protesters in the past few months.

But the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign has repeatedly published articles arguing that the violence is actually caused by protesters.

The organisation also blames the US for supposedly destabilising Nicaragua.

The mugs are sold for £12.50 each online
Mr Corbyn was previously a supporter of Nicaragua’s left-wing government
Alamy Live News

And it accuses the country’s opposition of trying to carry out a “coup” by getting rid of Ortega illegally.

On the campaign’s website, they offer a range of mugs with Mr Corbyn’s face and leftie slogans.

One says “People are right to be angry”, another says “Welcome to the mass movement of giving a toss about stuff” while the third contains a quote from a Shelley poem which Mr Corbyn read out at Glastonbury.

The mugs are on sale for £12.50 each, or £35 for the set of three.

The site also sells a magnet with Mr Corbyn’s face and the quote: “We judge our economy not by the presence of billionaires but by the absence of poverty.”

The campaign is also selling a Corbyn fridge magnet
Paramilitary fighters working for Nicaragua president Daniel Ortega

The Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign says on its website: “Jeremy has always supported NSC and the down-trodden in Latin America but that does not mean that NSC necessarily endorses his politics or those of the Labour party.”

Mr Corbyn has previously backed the far-left regime in Nicaragua and been a supporter of the campaign – which shares a building with his own constituency office in North London.

But he has remained quiet since the country’s crisis – which has seen at least 300 people killed – flared up earlier this year.

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Mr Corbyn is not believed to have endorsed the merchandise being sold by Nicaragua activists.

A spokesman for the Labour leader declined to comment today.

The Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

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